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Our Healthcare Provider Course complies with October 18, 2010 AHA/ILCOR Guidelines. It consists of easily navigated lessons, presented in a concise manner with minimal technical jargon and accompanied by full-color illustrations.

Need your certification today? No problem! Pass the required exam with 85% or better and receive your nationally-recognized certification card and beautiful, full-color wall certificate instantly right from your own printer.

The program allows you to progress at your individual comfort level. Each section is completely self-contained so that you may stop and re-start at the next lesson without loss of continuity.

Course Outline:

   Lesson 1: Introduction
       •  Brief history of CPR
       •  Mechanics of Artificial Life Support
       •  Fundamentals of human physiology (circulatory system) and CPR applications
       •  What is expected during an emergency (including EMS response)


   Lesson 2: Adult CPR
       •  Definitions
       •  Scene assessment and appropriate response
       •  C-A-B's of Adult CPR


   Lesson 3: Child CPR
       •  Definitions
       •  Scene assessment and appropriate response
       •  C-A-B's of Child CPR


   Lesson 4: Infant CPR
       •  Definitions
       •  Scene assessment and appropriate response
       •  C-A-B's of Infant CPR


   Lesson 5: Automated External Defibulator
       •  Definitions
       •  Mechanics of A.E.D.
       •  Proper A.E.D. usage


       •  29 multiple choice and true-or-false questions


       •  CPR Wall Certificate
          - BCLS: Adult, Child & Infant CPR
          - A.E.D. Training
       •  CPR Certification Wallet Card
          - BCLS: Adult, Child & Infant CPR
          - A.E.D. Training
          - includes a convenient, full-color CPR pocket reference chart


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